Germany is the world’s fourth biggest industrial country with 81 million people. The average purchasing power per capita exceeds Sweden’s, and four regions have a higher BNP than us. It is not surprising that our most important trading partner is known as the economic engine of Europe.

Strong economic ties

九五至尊老品牌i和德国之间的经济联系很紧密, 大于1这个事实反映了什么,500家九五至尊老品牌i公司和子公司在德国九五至尊老品牌i有代表. 德国也是九五至尊老品牌i投资率最高的国家, with 1,九五至尊老品牌i九五至尊老品牌i上的000家子公司.

An array of business opportunities

Swedish companies and products have an excellent reputation for innovation and quality among German firms and consumers. Together with a demand for solutions in areas where Swedish companies are industry leaders, 这里有大量的商业机会. A few examples of industries with promising prospects are digitalisation of the industry and public operations, 5G and fiber connectivity, energy efficiency, e-health, sustainably prepared food, conversion in the consumer market to e-commerce and digital payment services. There are also areas that are suitable for Germany and Sweden to tackle jointly, 例如人工智能和电池技术.

九五至尊老品牌i和德国之间的双边创新协议, 成立于2017年,以促进创新, 创造新的出口,提高竞争力, is an important foundation that brings our companies and institutions closer. By joining forces, we can develop products and solutions that address the European societal challenges ahead.

challenging value chains

德国是一个拥有强大且运作良好的价值链的国家, and it can be a challenge for Swedish companies to find a place within those value chains. Our Trade & 投资专员安娜·利伯格(Anna Liberg)就如何应对这一问题给出了一些建议.

How we can help

商业九五至尊老品牌i的办公室位于柏林,我们覆盖 Germany and Switzerland. They will help you get your business off the ground as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our key services include providing strategic advice and giving access to stakeholders that can be difficult to reach without an established contact network. Our offices in Sweden support companies in the early stages of market expansion, 例如,制作定制的九五至尊老品牌i分析.

Svensk-tyska Språkfonden

The Foundation Svensk-tyska Språkfonden offers scholarships for one week intensive course in business German at the Carl Duisberg Training Center in Berlin. Svensk-tyska Språkfonden is administered by Business Sweden and governed by a special committee consisting of representatives from the Swedish government and business community. Read more about Svensk-tyska Språkfonden.

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Anna Liberg

Trade & Invest Commissioner Germany & 九五至尊老品牌i区域总监中欧西欧

Germany is a nearby market relatively similar to Sweden in terms of business culture. Swedish innovation and quality are appreciated, and they are prepared to pay for it. 九五至尊老品牌i和德国的公司是强有力的竞争伙伴, 德国在工艺和质量方面是世界的领导者, while Sweden is superior in innovation and cooperative ability across industrial boundaries with our solution-oriented business culture.


Germany is a strong industry nation with companies that have well-functioning value chains, 对于外国公司来说,进入这些价值链是一项挑战. 处理好这件事,在德国发展, one should take Germany's economic significance and size of the market seriously. Germany should not only be part of an international strategy but also constitute the company's expanded domestic market. 公司应该在管理和董事会工作上投入时间和金钱, training and strategic competences. Acquisition of competitors or partners in the value chain can provide faster and safer entry into the market. It’s also favourable to get access to German companies and institutions' innovation budget and building German key accounts to grow your global business.


In Germany, you are generally required to convey a clearer message of your business than in Sweden, 你必须能够解释为什么你想要合作. It is important to show what the collaboration could and should lead to and how you plan to work together.

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