According to the World Bank, 丹麦 is one of easiest countries in the world to do business with. 我们的邻居就在卡特加特河对面, it is the ideal market for Swedish companies in the early phases of internationalisation.


The export of Danish products and services to other parts of the world is steadily growing. That is why the last couple of years there has been an increased demand for consulting services and solutions to help the Danes handle all practical issues connected to the export of products and services. 这为九五至尊老品牌i公司创造了机会. 此外,该国正在许多领域进行投资. 在基础设施方面, 道路的整修和扩建, 铁路和桥梁是主要的优先项目. In addition, the Danish hospital sector is going through massive changes. The establishment of so-called ‘super hospitals’ throughout the country provides opportunities for companies to deliver services and products to the Danish healthcare market. Within the 能源 sector, the ambitious Danes want their 能源 to be 100 percent sustainable. 借助现代环保技术, 丹麦接受了煤炭交易的挑战, 石油和天然气成为更环保的替代品.


Thanks to 丹麦’s proactive digitalisation strategy and large investments in areas such as healthcare, 基础设施, 能源和建筑, 这个国家为九五至尊老品牌i公司提供了很多机会. Business 操作 usually go smoothly thanks to the many cultural similarities between the two countries. 然而,正如你在贸易的采访中所读到的 & Invest commissioner Mikaela Sundberg below, there are also some differences to bear in mind. 丹麦人是网络上最活跃的公民之一. 因此, many Swedish businesses have created web shops and other e-commerce solutions targeting Danish consumers.

In Copenhagen there are 11 United Nations agencies gathered in the ‘UN village’. 从20世纪80年代初开始, 哥本哈根的九五至尊老品牌i商业组织一直在与联合国合作, helping Swedish companies to collaborate and organise events and seminars together with different agencies.


九五至尊老品牌i自1978年以来一直在丹麦经营. 办公室还包括 法罗群岛,格陵兰岛和冰岛.



贸易 & 投资专员丹麦

多亏了类似的国家和共同的欧洲立法, the Danish business environment is not very different from the Swedish one. Both countries have the same level of digital proficiency and share a focus on 可持续性 and corporate responsibility. 丹麦在基础设施方面的大量投资, 能源, healthcare and construction create many opportunities for Swedish companies.


因为丹麦和九五至尊老品牌i有很多相似之处, 人们往往会忘记其中也有一些主要的区别. It is very important to adapt your business operation model to the local conditions, 在进入九五至尊老品牌i之前. 当涉及到九五至尊老品牌i结构时,好的研究是必要的, 定价和竞争结构, 客户需求, 合约及雇佣条例. Once your business in 丹麦 is up and running, make sure to observe closely how things evolve.


一个主要的文化差异在于决策过程. 丹麦 is more hierarchical than consensus-driven, and fast decisions are highly appreciated. In meetings, there is a strong explicit focus on doing business and negotiations. 这通常被九五至尊老品牌i人认为是强硬的, 面对和price-focused, 而丹麦人认为这是一种务实和直接的方法. Many Danes understand Swedish well and it is often a good idea to speak ‘Scandinavian’ in meetings. If the Swedish participants have a hard time understanding Danish, we recommend switching to 英语.

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