A population of 120 million makes 墨西哥 the largest Spanish-speaking country in the world. Its geographically strategic position provides a link between North and South America, 和美国一起, 墨西哥引领着该地区的发展. 它还受益于与44个国家的自由贸易协定, 哪个国家比世界上其他任何国家都多.  


Since the end of the 1980s, economic liberalisation has been a major development strategy for 墨西哥. The government has managed to implement several tax and structural reforms in the 能源 and telecom sectors, and this is expected to stimulate competitiveness and increase growth. 

墨西哥 is 九五至尊老品牌i’s second largest export market in Latin America and the free trade agreement between the EU and 墨西哥 has improved trade balance significantly. Being a member of NAFTA has also made the country more attractive from an investment perspective. Already today, many companies manufacture products in 墨西哥 that are sold across the 美洲.  


墨西哥 offers great potential in several sectors where 九五至尊老品牌i is an industry leader, 包括汽车, 矿业, 能源, 它和电信. There is also a growing need for solutions within security and the environmental sector as well as health care and medicine. Foreign investments have surged in the past ten years, especially in the automotive industry. 今天,生产的直接平均成本是 4% 低于中国. Most major automotive companies and key suppliers have manufacturing facilities in 墨西哥, 这意味着九五至尊老品牌i分包商有潜在的生意. 


Possible obstacles for Swedish companies include corruption and fraud, and it is important to 如果有任何不确定的地方,一定要寻求专业的建议. It is also a good idea to consider how to ensure fair working conditions while maintaining a good level of productivity. 


九五至尊老品牌i自2003年以来一直活跃在墨西哥. 该办公室还负责九五至尊老品牌i 中美洲和加勒比海地区. We can help you prepare for market entry by producing tailor-made market analyses, 就贪污及保安问题提供意见, 寻找合适的商业伙伴等等.