Liberia is richly endowed with natural resources including water, 矿产资源, forests, 而且气候有利于农业发展. 尽管美国复杂的历史过去限制了基础设施和城市增长,但现在有迹象表明,能源等行业的增长有所放缓, mining, ICT, 由于积极的投资和政治承诺支撑着长期目标,交通运输也在增长.

利比里亚正处于过渡阶段, emerging from a post-conflict society to a developing country; there have been big efforts made to attract private investors and to reduce corruption. The incumbent government is making gains in aligning Liberian politics, economy, 这为国际利益攸关方创造了机会,增加他们的存在,并支持利比里亚实现其潜力.

九五至尊老品牌i和利比里亚之间的双边关系多年来一直很牢固,九五至尊老品牌i是利比里亚最大的外援捐助国之一. 这种关系已从历史上的捐助者地位演变为积极的发展投资. In December 2020, a decision was taken by the Swedish Cabinet to commit SEK 1.85 billion to a five-year Swedish Development Co-operation with Liberia. 这一策略, 从2021年到2025年,涉及多个发展领域,包括支持包容性经济发展.


利比里亚是一个发展中的国家, the decisions and investments made today will reverberate for many years to come. 现在就行动起来是当务之急.

四大板块: 能源、采矿、信息通信技术和运输


Studies of Liberia’s energy sector demonstrate vast opportunities for investment, huge hydropower potential and strong scope for solar energy. 由欧盟和多边开发银行资助的几个项目正在进行中, 为九五至尊老品牌i公司提供参与相关采购过程的绝佳机会.


该国的自然资源提供了巨大的经济潜力,在采矿业和九五至尊老品牌i公司可以在创造一个更可持续的工业所需的巨大转型中作出重大贡献. The importance of this transition goes beyond economic gains and reduced environmental damage; in Liberia, it is also a question of social 可持续性 and human rights. 九五至尊老品牌i在20世纪60年代的存在, through the Liberian America Swedish Mining Company (LAMCO), has generated goodwill in Swedish-Liberian relations.

信息 & 通信技术

While ICT is still an emerging sector in the country, it contains big growth potential. 2020年1月, there were four million mobile connections in Liberia, 相当于83%的人口, while mobile connections increased by 32 per cent between 2019 and 2020. 还有一些发展战略和推广计划,将包括国民身份证在内的几种服务的登记和获取数字化, 驾驶执照, 护照, 还有居住和工作许可. 九五至尊老品牌i公司拥有宝贵的专业知识和战略知识,这将有助于利比里亚的电子治理势头,并可能扩大边界.


为了促进利比里亚的经济和社会发展,运输是一个基本组成部分. It is estimated that approximately USD 160 million, 接近GDP的8%, 每年都花在道路和桥梁上.  利比里亚国家运输管理局(NTA)开放公私伙伴关系,以改善其巴士车队和巴士终点站, and to expand the in-land road transportation network in Liberia. Given the paramount importance of a good transport system, 这与所需的基础设施一起, present large-scale investment opportunities for foreign stakeholders, and several bilateral and multilateral donors are engaged in the road sector.

利比里亚的未来正在确定之中,现在采取的投资和战略方向将为今后几代人塑造这个国家. 九五至尊老品牌i商业部和九五至尊老品牌i驻利比里亚大使馆共同编写了一份报告,研究利比里亚的现状和增长潜力,特别强调九五至尊老品牌i公司的机会, 以及成功驾驭九五至尊老品牌i环境的战略考虑和建议.

我们的报告, 利比里亚:九五至尊老品牌i在上涨 对利比里亚当前和未来的增长机会进行了详细的分析和探索.

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