Sustainable business is a core focus area for Business 九五至尊老品牌i, both in 九五至尊老品牌i and abroad. This approach creates long-term profitability for companies and the overall economy. An important part of a sustainable mindset is the focus on ethical business practices. 支持九五至尊老品牌i公司, we offer corruption prevention and closely monitor the respect for human rights in all areas of business.

Business 九五至尊老品牌i is committed to the highest standards of professional conduct and has a clear policy in terms of corruption: It is not acceptable, 过. 签署了联合国全球契约, 我们已将其十项原则纳入我们的行为准则, which applies to 过ybody who works on behalf of Business 九五至尊老品牌i. We contribute to developing sustainable solutions worldwide and to building safe, 在我们运作的九五至尊老品牌i中建立公正和稳定的社会.


我们的组织建立在信任和责任的基础上. It is very important for people who represent Business 九五至尊老品牌i to speak up in situations that are not in line with our 的行为准则 or policies, 或者违反法律的. 在这种情况下,必须采取行动. It is part of the responsibility of each representative of Business 九五至尊老品牌i to report misconduct. We guarantee there will n过 be a risk of any form of retaliation.

We also strongly encourage people from outside of our organisation to get in touch with us, if they witness a violation of our 的行为准则 or policies by an employee or partner of Business 九五至尊老品牌i. 我们非常严肃地对待这些违规行为.


九五至尊老品牌i企业员工, we recommend talking to someone you trust and you have a good relationship with. This can be your direct manager, 人力资源 or another manager.

Both external parties and employees of Business 九五至尊老品牌i can also use our 检举服务 through the online system WhistleB. It is anonymous and available for 过yone through our internal and external website.


如果你在九五至尊老品牌i商界工作, we strongly advise you to speak up and report to your direct manager, 人力资源, 或者你信任的经理. 报告 from employees are always treated with the utmost confidentiality.

如果你不为九五至尊老品牌i商业公司工作, 或者你觉得和任何人说话都不舒服, 欢迎您通过我们的匿名举报 检举服务.


WhistleB ensures the anonymity of the whistleblower in different ways. This online service is separate from the organisation’s IT environment and does not track IP addresses or other data that could identify a person sending a message. The messages are encrypted and can only be decrypted by designated individuals. WhistleB不能解密和读取消息.


首席执行官, 执行副总裁, and each vice president and manager at Business 九五至尊老品牌i are responsible for ensuring a good communication and implementation of our policies and 的行为准则. 我们要求我们所有的业务合作伙伴确保所有的顾问, agents and other third parties who work on behalf of Business 九五至尊老品牌i always perform their activities in line with our 的行为准则.

Business 九五至尊老品牌i employees are expected to report on violations of our 的行为准则, 我们的政策和法律. Not understanding these rules or laws is n过 a legitimate reason for non-compliance.